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Secrets, Spies and 7/7 - the new book by Tom Secker


Latest updates

Beard World Order 1 and 2

In a continuation of our monthly roundtable discussions Guillermo of Traces of Reality, James Corbett of the Corbett Report and I joined up to take a broader look at conspiracy topics. This is a double post of both episodes, in part because I forgot to post the first episode, in part because the two episodes are essentially two parts of the same discussion, even though they were recorded weeks apart.  Watch, listen or download here.  

Aaron and I delved into one of our favourite topics of under-discussed conversation: the alternative media.  In this - the final episode of Aaron Franz's alternative media interview series - we discussed the present and the future, the good and the bad of the alt media and my hopes for what the truth movement could turn into as it matures.  Listen or download here.  

Once again I joined Guy and James of Smells Like Human Spirit to talk about some of my recent work, the response to my book, me putting forward the idea that Edward Snowden is a False Flag agent, and my general scepticism towards political celebrities including Russell Brand.  This is a frank but friendly conversation with quite a lot of disagreement between Guy and myself, but we managed to avoid descending into verbal fisticuffs.  Listen or download here.  

In this edition of Traces of Reality Radio Guillermo Jimenez, James Corbett and myself tackled two of the most important spies of all time - Edward Snowden and Ian Fleming.  We talked about my recent podcast on Snowden that accused him of being a false flag agent and discussed our concerns about the way the story has progressed and the impact it has had.  In the latter half of the show I got a chance to indulge my Ian Fleming/James Bond obsession, talking about the misogyny inherent in the stories and its impact on the legal battle that came out of the Mark Stone situation and similar cases.  Listen or download here.

Open Source Intelligence fOSSa

This is my presentation at the fOSSa 2013 conference held in Lille, France last November, titled Open Source Intelligence: What Connects the Walsall Anarchists, Nazi Pigeons and Ben Affleck?  This was intended as a fun introduction to and demonstration of my work both here and at spyculture.com, and was very well received.  The conference was also notable because it where I first got to meet James Corbett face to face, after well over three years of collaborating online. Watch the presentation here.

Julian of The Mind Renewed invited me on his show to discuss my book Secrets, Spies and 7/7.  In this conversation we gave a broad overview of the 7/7 issue before delving into some of the more specialist areas of my research into the 7/7 bombings.  We talked about the core problems with the official story, the bomb sites, the CCTV, the key witnesses before looking into the backstory of 7/7, both in the background of the alleged bombers and their network of contacts and the pre-empting of the bombings on various BBC TV shows.  Listen or download here.

Trollhunter - a conversation with James Corbett

James invited me back onto his monthly cultural show FLNWO (flunwoe) to discuss Norwegian found footage mockumentary Trollhunter, a film is about a government conspiracy to cover up the existence of trolls.  James and I discussed the metaphorical and satirical nature of the film, and its explicit subtext in mocking the socialist Norwegian government.  We also talked about the metaphor of the trolls and what they might represent in this age of the politics of fear.  Listen or download here.