Samuel Byck dossier

This dossier contains extracts from the FBI file on the investigation into Samuel J Byck, an attempted suicide hijacker.  In February 1974 Byck tried to take over a plane out of Baltimore-Washington International Airport with the aim of forcing the pilots to fly it to Washington.  Byck intended to seize the controls and crash the plane into the White House in an effort to assassinate Richard Nixon.  Byck killed two people while storming the plane and was ultimately shot by a patrolman named Charles Troyer.  As Byck lay bleeding in the plane he ended his life by shooting himself.

The dossier includes an FBI summary of the event, a laboratory report on the dummy bomb he carried with him, letters that Byck sent to various celebrities and media outlets just before his hijacking attempt, a letter he sent to the Small Business Administration after they turned him down for a loan, and 302s detailing interviews with Byck's mother, a friend, patrolman Troyer and pilot Doug Loftin, who was seriously wounded during the attack.  Also contains a list of what was found in Byck's house during a search. 

Sam Byck dossier

You can download the dossier via the link beneath the document viewer or directly via this link (PDF 3.1MB).