David Headley Document Collection

This collection of nearly 150 pages of unsealed, leaked and declassified material illustrates how David Headley was probably a US secret agent throughout the time he was planning the Mumbai massacre. Court records, intelligence agency memos and embassy cables all show how Headley was likely protected in the years between 9/11 and his arrest in October 2009, and that the Indian government colluded with the US after his arrest.

Like Junaid Babar, the focus of a prior document collection in this series , Headley was Pakistani-American who officially was a radical but turned FBI/DOJ co-operator after being arrested. Unlike Babar, Headley has never been sentenced despite pleading guilty to numerous charges, including planning the 26/11 siege of Mumbai.

Also like Babar, Headley travelled around the world, operating in a relatively obvious manner as he planned and facilitated the Mumbai attacks. He did this unencumbered, strongly suggesting he was at least being monitored by the security services and allowed to carry out his dastardly deeds. In all likelihood he was an agent of US intelligence, most probably of the CIA.

You can download the collection via the save icon in the document viewer above or direct via this link(PDF, 18.8MB).