The Making of a National Security State

A conversation with Guillermo Jimenez - 4th September 2013

In this talk Guillermo Jimenez of TracesofReality and BoilingFrogsPost and I discussed the psychological impact of 'flashpoint events' like 9/11 and 7/7, and the importance of investigating such events in their proper context.  We chatted about my book Secrets, Spies and 7/7, in particular the role of predictive programming in conditioning the public to accept the official versions of such events and to respond in a way that is conducive to the interests of the security state.  

Note: the full conversation is only available to subscribers of BoilingFrogsPost (I am a subscriber myself and recommend becoming one).  The clip below is a brief preview.  

We also touched on Syria, how the 'truth movement' needs to base more of its opposition and resistance on moral objections rather than disputes over facts, and the false flag exercise hypothesis propounded by many alternative conspiracy theorists as a catch all explanation for terrorist events.  

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