Secrets, Spies and 7/7 - Sources

Here you can find, chapter by chapter, a list of the key sources of information that I used in writing Secrets, Spies and 7/7.  I have included all the documents in PDF format, all the pictures and CCTV footage, all the official diagrams and links to significant websites.  For the sake of brevity I have omitted links to quotations from media sources and inquest testimony. 


Patrick McIntyre's Special Branch Memoir

John Walsh's Special Branch Memoir

Information Tribunal ruling, March 30th 2009

Lindsay Clutterbuck thesis


Home Office Narrative

Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) first report on 7/7

ISC second report on 7/7

CIA Clandestine Service History 'Overthrow of Premier Mossadeq of Iran' section 5

Sir John Stevens Inquiry 3, Overview and Recommendations

Cory Collusion Inquiry: Patrick Finucane

Finucane Application for Judicial Review re Failure to Establish Public Inquiry 

Chapter 1: The Hallmarks of Al Qaeda

Greater London Authority 7th July Review Committee, hearing March 1st 2006

July 7th Truth Campaign, Incident Anaylsis: Edgware Road/Paddington

July 7th Truth Campaign, Incident Analysis: Number 30 bus

Diagram of Number 30 bus by Richard Jones

London Fire Brigade Report of Michael J Ellis (and page 2)

MPS SO13 Explosives Office Call Out Form (and page 2)

July 7th Truth Campaign, Tavistock Square and the Second Controlled Explosion... of Richmal

Chapter 2: A Wider Conspiracy?

Fox interview with John Loftus re Haroon Aswat

Schedule of calls to and from phones of MSK, Tanweer, Hussain and Lindsay

Chapter 3: The CCTV

CCTV from Kings Cross Thameslink station, 7th July 2005, 8:23-8:26 a.m.

CCTV from Luton Station, 7th July 2005 (original release)

CCTV from Luton station, 7th July 2005, (inquests release)

CCTV from Luton station, 28th June 2005 (original release)

CCTV from Luton station, 28th June 2005 (inquests release)

Chapter 4: Suicide Bombings

Forensic links to Nissan Micra

Forensic links to 'bomb factory' at Alexandra Grove

MPS diagram of Aldgate explosion (jpeg)

MPS diagram of Aldgate post-explosion (jpeg)

MPS diagram of Edgware Road explosion (jpeg)

MPS diagram of Edgware Road post-explosion (jpeg)

MPS diagram of Kings Cross explosion (jpeg)

MPS diagram of Kings Cross post-explosion (jpeg)

MPS diagram of Tavistock Square explosion (jpeg)

MPS diagram of Tavistock Square post-explosion inside bus (jpeg)

MPS diagram of Tavistock Square post-explosion outside bus (jpeg)

Danny Belsten sketch of Edgware Road explosion (jpeg)

John McDonald sketch of Edgware Road explosion (jpeg)

PC Potter sketch of Edgware Road explosion (jpeg)

Elizabeth Kenworthy sketch of Aldgate explosion (jpeg)

David Boyce annotated diagram of Kings Cross explosion (jpeg)

DI Brunsden sketch of Kings Cross explosion (jpeg)

Chapter 5: Debunking 7/7 Debunking

Conspiracy: Who Really Runs the World? - The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories

7/7 - The Conspiracy Files

7/7 Conspiracy Roadtrip

Chapter 6: The Iqra Bookshop

West Yorkshire Police (WYP) Gist re Martin McDaid

WYP check on BMW registration number J729 EUB, April 16th 2004

Lady Justice Hallett, Report under Rule 43 of The Coroners Rules

Declaration by Charity Trustees for Iqra

Third Open Witness Statement of Security Service Witness G

July 7th Truth Campaign, The Perjury of Martin Gilbertson

Court of Appeal ruling, February 13th 2008

Chapter 7: The Crevice

MI5 Summary of occasions when two of the Stepford bombers came to our attention during the Crevice investigation

MI5 subscriber check on mobile phone number 07904186076, March 11th 2003

MI5 Operation Crevice summary

Minutes of the Executive Liaison Group, February 21st 2004

MI5-WYP email exchange re Hasina Patel

Operation Crevice action form 895

MI5-NERIC-WYP email exchange re Operation Scraw

US vs Mohammed Junaid Babar, 5K1 letter

US vs Mohammed Junaid Babar, Guilty Plea

MI5 manifest document

Mohammed Sidique Khan PISCES printout

FBI summary of interrogation of Mohammed Junair Babar

MI5 Amended Gist re Saddique *** and Imran

MI5 Supplementary Secret Service Gist re Saddique *** and Imran

MI5 surveillance photo of Sidique Khan and Tanweer

Cropped picture of Khan

Cropped picture of Tanweer

Chapter 8: Fixed Around the Policy

ISC Annual Report 2010/2011 (extract)

Letter from PS/Richard Dearlove to David Manning, December 3rd 2001

Letter from Eliza Manningham-Buller to John Gieve, March 22nd 2002

JIC Assessment, the Status of Iraqi WMD Programmes, March 15th 2002

Memo from Matthew Rycroft to David Manning, July 23rd 2002

John Williams, Iraq Media Strategy, September 4th 2002

Cabinet Office email, re Dossier - New Biotechnology Revelation, 16th September 2002

Defence Intelligence Staff (DIS) emails, re FW: Iraq Dossier - Further Questions, September 9th 2002

DIS email, re 02-09-17 Comment on Final Draft (FLASH), September 17th 2002

Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction: The Assessment of the British Government

Minute TO7934 from Desmond Bowen to John Scarlett re: The Iraq Dossier, September 11th 2002

Cabinet Office email from Jonathan Powell to Alistar Campbell and David Manning re Revised dossier foreword, September 17th 2002

Chilcot Inquiry, Transcript of private hearing of SIS2

FOIA disclosure letter from Education Leeds

Home Office, Prevention of Terrorism Bill 2005 Background Briefing Papers

The Last Will and Final Testament of Sidique Khan

Chapter 9: Predictive Programming

Spooks S01E03

Spooks S01E06

Spooks S02E02

Spooks S02E05

Panorama: London Under Attack

Spooks S03E03

Spooks S03E10

Spooks S04E01 and S04E02

Dirty War

Report by the Minister of Information to the War Cabinet, CAB 67/5/29

Report by the Minister of Information to the War Cabinet, CAB 68/6/23

Report by the Minister of the Information to the War Cabinet, CAB 66/10/6

PREM 19/587

Memo from the Minister of Information and the Minister of Economic Warfare to the War Cabinet, CAB 66/13/24

Chapter 10: Simulated Terror

Sir Desmond Fennell, Investigation into the Kings Cross Underground Fire

DHS Fact Sheet: TOPOFF3

TOPOFF3 VNN broadcast

CBRN News, Issue 3, June 2005

July 7th Truth Campaign, CV Fakery: 7/7 terror rehearsal man suspended from Dorset Police

Chapter 11: Conspiracy Theories

David R Beecroft, The Conspiracy Theory of Terrorism

Spooks S04E06

Spooks S04E10

Spooks S05E01 and S05E02

Spooks S05E03

Spooks S05E05 and S05E06

Spooks S06E01 and S06E02

Spooks S06E04

Spooks S07E03

Cass Sunstein, Conspiracy Theories

DEMOS, The Power of Unreason